Are academics irrelevant? Roles for scholars in participatory research

TitreAre academics irrelevant? Roles for scholars in participatory research
Type de publicationJournal Article
Nouvelles publications1999
AuteursStoecker R
JournalAmerican Behavioural Scientist
Année de publicationFebruary 1999

Stocker argues that academics general adopt one of three roles in community-based research: initiator, consultant or, collaborator. All of these positions are fraught with challenges and limitations in part because they conceive of the research project as the main goal. Instead Stoecker encourages us to think of CBR as one part of a larger project of community organizing or development. Stoecker encourages that we ask three questions when we enter a CBR project: what is the project trying to do? What are your skills? How much participation does the community need and want? On the last point, Stoecker challenges idea that maximum participation is always the best approach and acknowledges that there can be a trade off between efficiency and democracy. He stresses however, that it is important for community to decide which key decision points they want/need to be involved with.