Telelearning Session 7: The Social Economy in Australia

CSEHub, CCEDNet, RIPESS, Économie solidaire de l'Ontario, and BALTA are pleased to invite your participation in an upcoming telelearning session!

  • How does civil society influence public policy?
  • How does it compete with private and public services on employment issues?
  • What supports are required for creating a sustainable and widespread Social Economy movement?
  • How can stakeholders be mobilized?
  • How did the social economy sector beat the Federal Government of Australia’s attempt to privatize employment services?
  • What did the government try and do?
  • What have been the economic and social results that reflect Jobs Australia’s action?
  • What has been the key learning for Jobs Australia as a national organization?

This special telelearning session features David Francis Thompson, CEO of Jobs Australia Limited, a national peak organization for more than 250 non-profit providers of employment and related services for the unemployed. With facilitation by Mike Lewis of the BC-Alberta Research Alliance on the Social Economy (BALTA), practitioners and researchers will discuss David's experiences within the Australian context and will be exposed to innovative ways of building effective and empowered communities. Please join us!

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Call Logistics:

  • Session Date: Monday, March 3rd, 2008
  • Call begins at 12:00 pm PST, 1:00 pm MST, 2:00 pm CST, 3:00 pm EST, 4:00 pm AST, and 4:30 pm NST
  • Call in information will be given upon registration
  • Register before February 29 to obtain dial-in information and background papers
  • This session is in English

Session Format: 1 Hour
Welcome: 5 minutes
Presentation: 20 minutes from the speaker
Discussion: 35 minutes

Registration: By Email or by Phone
Register by e-mailing with your name, location, and work or volunteer position. We will provide instructions on how to access the telelearning forum. Unfortunately, the session is only open to those residing in Canada. To register by phone call 1-250-472-4976.

Limited number of phone lines for session – so register soon!

Background readings:


davidfrancisthompson.jpgDavid Francis Thompson
David Thompson is CEO of Jobs Australia Limited, a national peak organization for more than 250 non-profit providers of employment and related services for unemployed and is a founding Board member, current Director of NESA.
David is also Chair of the National Roundtable of Nonprofit Organizations Limited, Deputy President and Executive member of the Australian Council of Social Service, Chair, Jobs Australia Foundation, Chair, COMMACT International and President of its Australian Chapter, Chair of Community 21 Limited, a member of the federal government’s Welfare to Work Consultative Forum, Chair of DEWR’s Employment Services Disability Advisory Group and Representing Australia at RIPESS.

Mon, 03/03/2008