October 23, 2006 - News

Martin Highlights Sault Resident’s Literacy Success In Battle Against Cuts
Michael Shaughnessy of Sault Ste. Marie puts his life story and articulate words on the importance of literacy and the harm done to Canadians by the recent Conservative government cuts. Martin listed the HRSDC cuts among the $1 billion: $200 million to the voluntary sector; $55 million youth employment; $45 million Canada Mortgage and Housing; $17 million adult learning and literacy program; $17 million workplace skills; $13 the social development partnership; and $13 million Social Economy Initiative. There are more cuts in other ministries.

Co-ops thriving in Nova Scotia
At a time when other sectors are struggling to survive, the co-operative sector in Nova Scotia continues with unprecedented growth. During this past year, total sales in non-financial co-operatives increased by over $1 million, posting total revenues of over $742.2 million. Credit unions, our financial co-operatives, grew by seven per cent. In 34 communities across Nova Scotia, a credit union is the only finance institution.

Regina organic co-op honoured with merit award
A Regina-based organic co-operative has picked up a Saskatchewan Co-Operative Merit Award.

Co-op wants to tear down building
A leaky co-op housing building may be torn down and rebuilt if the City of Burnaby allows it to be rezoned.

Ways to fight poverty
Hamilton has now the highest number of children per capita living in poverty of any community in Ontario. Yet for the first time in many years, there are some new opportunities. The important Hamilton Roundtable on Poverty Reduction has set as its goal the making of Hamilton as the best place to raise a child. Community, business and city council members are working together for our community's children.