June 12, 2008 - News

Why some people care, and why some people don't
I have a great deal to write about lately. So much so, that at times, my fingers cannot go fast enough for me to keep up and my mind is spinning in all directions. Imagine my delight, when, on a recent trip to Saskatoon, my book companion was none other than that old sage herself, Shirley Maclaine. Her latest book, Sage-ing While Age-ing, turned out to be just what I needed to calm my mind. Some recent events have been troubling me and, as is usually the case, I pick up a book and read about what is on my mind. This has happened ever since I was a child. The comment that caught my attention was a quote she gave from scientist Dr. David Hawkins. The discussion is perception and how it determines what we become. What struck me was this line: "We can't relate to something that hasn't been defined in a context that we understand or have been educated to." She continues: "We are unable to see or recognize an event until we have a definition or a context with which to identify it." Just about here, I am saying: "Oh ... my ... God." Suddenly all of the anguish over how many times I have explained what is in our community, that so many do not see or understand, makes perfect sense. If you are not working in this environment, it is safe to say, you could not possibly get the level of depth and despair so many of our community members live in each and every day of their existence. Oddly, what is happening to me is also shifting my radar. Suddenly, people are bringing their thoughts and ideas on community economic development, not from the usual context of bigger development equals greater profit, but from a social standpoint from which we are now a new player.