July 4th, 2007

Volunteering is icing on cake for retiring execs
There are a lot of ways retiring executives can put a final exclamation point on their careers. But probably none is quite so challenging as working with Canadian Executive Services Overseas, a 40-year-old non-profit agency that gives businesspeople the chance to volunteer in developing countries. Francine Dumont, a Montreal consultant in business development who signed on with CESO, found herself on assignment in Armenia not too long ago with a mandate to help develop local entrepreneurship.

The new Conservative government has taken steps to defend its government record in regards to Aboriginal peoples, according to a recent news release obtained from the government. "Canada’s New Government has made real progress in addressing the issues facing Aboriginal people in Canada. Along with the provinces and territories, we will continue to work with responsible Aboriginal leaders to bring real improvements to the quality of life of Aboriginal people and to remedy historical grievances," it reads. "Since taking office we have focused our efforts on practical, results-oriented action." The government then goes on to provide a list of specific accomplishments in different areas on the Aboriginal file. Aboriginal Specific Claims: A decisive new approach to...