February 28th, 2007 - News

New youth program could be a good fit for schools, groups
After being at Muskoka Futures for three and a half months I still get the question from my friends “So what is it that you do?” I think about it for a second then rhyme off a huge list of different things we do at Muskoka Futures, leaving them more confused than ever. So for you, the reading public, I want to clear up the confusion and give you a good snapshot of what we do at Muskoka Futures. In short, we do a lot. We provide business financing for people with new ideas and ventures. We help our business clients through many of the bumps and roadblocks of successfully operating a small business with business advice from our qualified staff. We also offer loans to young entrepreneurs in partnership with the Canadian Youth Business Foundation. We firmly believe that assisting people with great new ideas for business is one of the best ways we can help our community grow and thrive.