April 3, 2008 - News

Good ol' fashioned rock 'n' roll
Local label Transistor 66 and co-op record store/print shop War on Music are set to release a split seven-inch single featuring Peg City rawkers Hot Live Guys and T-Dot heavyweights C'mon. That's right, vinyl. Oh, how the tables have turned. Ironically, with the digital audio player threatening the compact disc's very existence, it's been the age-old technology of the gramophone record that's enjoying a bit of resurgence. "Putting something out on vinyl means you had to put some time and effort into realizing a record, as opposed to 'we recorded some songs and we put them on the Internet because it takes four minutes with MySpace,'" says HLG guitarist Joe Warkentin, 25. "So I'm really excited about pressing seven-inches. I think digital is a really good way to promote bands, but as far as releases go, I think vinyl's where it's at."